The Academy

A programme for education & participation in all aspects of the production process

The Academy

Three main questions pose themselves when I consider developing a creative offering for young people:

  • How can we offer children & young people the opportunity to experience, understand and engage with the vibrant and varied world of theatre and production?
  • How can we reach out to those who would like to join, but don't know how, to those who have yet to discover or acknowledge their creativity, and to those who feel like they don't belong, or don't have permission to be involved?
  • How can we develop a vocabulary, an understanding, and an acknowledgement that being part of a collaborative process of storytelling, production and performance enhances our confidence, our innovation, our creativity, our leadership skills, our active learning and our empathy & understanding?

My task? To develop a space where these questions can be explored, new ideas can be nurtured and a wholesome, dynamic and innovative energy can begin to grow.

Your task? To step forward and be part of the conversation, to bring your 'thing', and to share it with others, so that it can grow, it can evolve and it can be...


The Academy
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